The Fray Fix: The answer to The MacBooks Magsafe power cords fraying problem


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The Fray Fix Works easily with ALL the connection heads for the Magsafe power cords. Including the Magsafe 2 connector head.

cropped-widegraphic.jpg It’s a device made with heat resistant¬†silicon. It Ultimately prevents the Magsafe Power cord from fraying. How does it do that? It secures itself around the block of the power cord and supplies it with the necessary support through a stress relief attached to it that protects the very spot that is notorious for fraying and keeps it from fraying. It is a perfect fit that does not in any way hinder the wrap around cord feature or the ability to switch the power cord’s adapter. This gem of a device retails for $9.99.¬†Weigh that against the $80.00 you will have to shell out God knows how many times to get a new cord if it gets destroyed, and you’re looking at a MacBooks owner’s salvation. If you own a Macbook, then buyingThe Fray Fix is a very smart and economical move.