What would you like to know? Send us an email to Unafrayed@thefrayfix.com. In the meantime we have some answers to some FAQs below.

1.Does the Fray Fix work with all the connectors heads?

Answer: Yes the Fray Fix Works easily with all the connection heads for the power cords. Including the Magsafe 2 connector head.

2.¬†Should I put this on a power cord that’s already frayed?

Answer: Putting the Fray Fix on a cord that is already frayed will Add longevity to that cord. However the Fray fix is a preventative measure and works best when applied to a cord that hasn’t frayed as yet. In that regard it prevents the cord from fraying.





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    • Hi Kristan

      The fray fix works best as a preventative measure. Putting it on already frayed cord will certainly add longevity to your cords life, but it may not prevent it from getting worse. It will definitely prevent fraying to a cord that is not frayed, though.

  1. Does the FrayFix fit the L-shape connector (the part that connects directly to the Macbook)? I have the product that protects the magsafe block and it works great. Now I’m looking for additional protection for the other end of the cable . Thanks!

  2. Hi, I just found your site after my Apple charger died, again. I’m interested in getting your 60 watt version of The Fray Fix, but it’s out of stock. When will you have them back in stock?

  3. I will be ordering two 85W Fray Fix and noticed only white is in stock. When will other colours become available. ALSO from looking at the picture of the Fray Fix mini, it appears the thickness of the mini at the narrower end will come in contact with the open screen of the Macbook Pro thereby preventing the L-connector from fully inserting into the laptop. Am I wrong?

    Thank you and I am very glad you have these products as I am repeatedly buying new Magsafe cords.

  4. Hello!

    I’m considering purchasing a FrayFix, but I have one concern.
    I’ve noticed that my MacBook charger can get pretty warm sometimes when it’s plugged in.
    Can the rubber the FrayFix is made of withstand the heat that the charger produces? I’m worried its a fire hazard.

  5. I ordered 4 of the The Fray Fix (For 45, 60 and 85 Watt Macbook Magsafe Power Cords), but wasn’t paying attention and should have ordered the “combo”. Would it be possible to get some sort of discount if I order 4 of the Fray Fix minis?

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