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  1. I love that you guys added me on Instagram and amazed you guys found my damaged iPhone charger. I love the product and think it’s amazing. The sad thing is I have no idea how to buy your product. Like I went through all your tabs to buy it.

    • Hi Allan

      Thanks for asking. You can get the product at That’s our store. There is a link on our home page right to the website store.

      All the best

      The fray fix

    • Hi Ricky

      Sure you can exchange it. The white 85 whats won’t be here for a week or so though so you may have to wait. But send me an email with your address and I’ll ship one to you as soon they come in. That is of course after you send back the orange one:) I’ll send the ship back address to you in the email. Send the email to:

  2. Hello, I came across your website and products under the recommendation of DJ Jay Brannan. I am as well a mobile DJ and I use to carry a lot my equipment, and I have the impression that your products can avoid a lot of problems… I live in Paris, France.
    So my first question would be : Would you be able to ship to my home address in Paris the items I could buy on your website ?
    I have a Paypal account, but I have noticed that when I press your “check out” button then i am automatically routed to Paypal, before having been asked dot fill in any precise delivery form… Therefore I am a little bit worry about a non delivery…
    Could you please be kind to answer.
    I thank you in advance.
    With best regards,
    Jean-Michel Lafaye

    • No need to worry, Jean-Michel. it ors to your paypal account because your paypal account has your shipping address. Make sure its the right address. So once the order is paid for the address we receive to send the shipment to is the one on paypal.

      Hope this answers your questions.

  3. hello,

    I was on Facebook and all of a sudden your add popped up on my newsfeed. Coincidently enough, I was looking for something similar last week, since my MacBook charger cord broke. Well, the charger has a MagSafe 2 (T shaped adapter), and I believe it’s 85W. Now, the problem is that i live in Brazil. I will be in Orlando for a week (from oct 4-oct 10). Would you guys be able to fix it within a week? How would you go about this this?



    • Hi Rodolpho We don’t really fix if for you. What happens is you order the fray fix and put it on your cord to prevent it from fraying. Although if your cord has already frayed then it’s a little too late. My suggestion to you would be to buy a new cord and put the fray fix on the new cord so that it prevents it from ever breaking again.

  4. Hello,

    As a new Mac geek member, I discovered after 2years of peacuful life, the joy of the cord’s breaking mac disaster !!! I am therefore going to get a new cord and type for protection until I found your web site.
    I am desperatly looking for a Fray fix combo (for 85 Watt Mac book pro) but in blue.
    I can only find the white version. Are you going to sell the other colors ever again please ?

    Many thanks in adavance.

    • YEs in about a week I’m getting in Black and Glow in the dark Green. Blue will be our next color to come in and that will be in about a month from today 10/27/15 Thanks:)

  5. Hi, I am interested in buying the combo for the 60W magsafe power cord. Do you have it in any colour other than white? I see different colours in your gallery, but was not able to choose colours at your store page. Also, do you ship to Singapore? Thanks much!

    • Hi In addition to the white, we will have Black and Glow in the dark green in about a week from today 10/27/17. And yes we ship to singapore and all over the world.

  6. Hello i sent an email concerning me inputting the wrong email during payment. I am wondering if you received it and would like to know the current status of my problem.

  7. Hi Kirk. I just received my 3 orders of the Fray Fix lightening and 3 orders of the Fray Fix combos. Ordering and shipping was great but I have an issue.

    The 3 boxes of Fray Fix combo are labelled correctly on the exterior but inside all 3 of them are the incorrect Fray Fix. They are the lightening type which are open/cut at the opposite end of the cable relief as the lightening ones are. Even though they are open at the opposite end, I tried to wrap it around the Magsafe box and it is too short to reach around the box as in your video with the proper Fray Fix without the cut open end. I checked the 3 boxes marked as having the lightening Fray Fix and those are correct so I have 6 Fray Fix lightenings some how.

    As a result I still need the proper Fray Fix combo for the Magsafe chargers in a blue, neon green and pink please.

    I am excited about using your products.

    Please get back to me.

    Thank you.


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