Does your school have a 1:1 program where they handed out Macbook pros, Macbook Airs or iPads to the students in your school district? If so then the fray fix is the product for you. First of all Congrats on your schools Macbooks airs for the students.

You may or may not know that one of the problems that the MacBooks and iPad have is the fraying of the power cord. Because the power cords have no stress relief where the wire meets the block, they start to break and fray and get exposed to the point where they become unusable and a fire hazard. We have something to prevent it all together. THE FRAY FIX.

We are offering schools districts a discounted “school pricing” on each one you order for your students MacBooks and iPads.

We also have Fray Fixes for the Lightning Power Cord for the iPads as well. Which is also known for having the same fraying problem as the computer power cords.

STUDENTS: Let your teachers, principals and superintendents Know about this product so that they can get it for all of you. People love our product because it means they wont have to spend $80 to replace their macbook power cord when it frays. or $40 to replace their iPad power cords when the same thing happens.

If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Stay Magsafe

Kirk Abrigo

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