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  1. I bought this product about 5 month ago and it works great! I had a Macbook chord fray once and this is a great step to avoiding that problem again. Definitely worth the money and knowing that your chord is protected.

  2. It was an incredible service experience from Kirk and The FrayFix company. I had a superfast delivery and a superfast change on my wrongsize order.

    The product is incredible and the instructions are so perfect!

    My chargers are now safe and looking really good. Very great stuff for a traveler laptop user. Completely recomended.

  3. I wish I had found this product before now! I just unboxed my third MagSafe 60W battery for a Macbook Pro and received the Fray Fix on the same day, and I found the “installation” incredibly easy to do. The videos and included instructions were very clear. On top of that, this product targets the exact stress points that have resulted in fraying and battery failure on my other MagSafes. I definitely plan to recommend this to all the Apple users in my life.

  4. Last year I purchased my 3rd replacement MagSafe charger due to the thin wire not having a strain relief at either end. From searching the internet, I found the Fray Fix along with a couple other options. Fray Fix looked like it would work the best so I bought 3 Fray Fix combos for 3 MagSafe chargers I have and 3 lightning Fray Fix for our iPhones and iPod.

    Delivery to the Southern Ontario, Canada was pretty quick.

    I just installed all of them and wow these are great! They stay on the MagSafe and connector end very well.

    Follow the simple instructions carefully and installation is a breeze. Don’t skimp on applying the lube over the tape covering the supplied stick and connection since Kirk sends more than enough lube. Silly me I tried to use the packet of lube from one installation and stretch the use over my 3rd Fray Fix and the connection under the tape came apart on my third instal which hardly had any lube on it. I just got another piece of tape and opened a new packet of lube (which I should have done as instructed) and the Fray Fix slid over it without issues. Really the installation is easy if you follow the instructions and the great how to videos on the website. The hardest part I found was removing the tape afterwards. After about my 4th Fray Fix instal, I personally found it much easier to use your fingernail and begin at one edge of the tape and find the end of the tape and lift up the end of the tape very slightly and keep going across the end of the tape to the other edge only lifting the end of the tape about 2 millimetres of 2/16th of an inch for my American friends. Then you continue to unravel more of the tape moving from one edge to the other. This made a huge difference.

    I very highly recommend this Fray Fix!!!!!

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